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Welcome to Amangati Hotels Lakey Peak Sumbawa and Balangan Bali

Aman Gati Hotel Lakey Peak Sumbawa the best choice accaommodatin in Lakey beach Sumbawa, for those of you who are looking for cheap classy lodging as well as leisure vacations for tourists and surfers, here it is.

Our location right in front of Lakey Peak surf Spots is a popular surf spot in Sumbawa. Lakey Peak is one of surfing great treasures it is location on the central southern coast of the island of Sumbawa Indonesia and two islands east of Bali.

Aman Gati Hotel Lakey Peak Sumbawa established in 1995. our location right in front of Lakey Beach Sumbawa. we provide Budget and quality lodging for surfers and tourist want to vacation in the Lakey Beach. The Beauty of Lakey beach and its World Class wave already famous become and attraction for surf adventure.

Aman Gati Hotel Balangan Beach Bali

Aman Gati Hotel Balangan beach Bali offers wooden Bungalow accommodation a blend of classic and modern buildings into the best option at Balangan beach accommodation Bali.

Our location is in front of Balangan Surf Spot is located down towards the southern Peninsula. In addition to surfing activities on the beach Balangan you can also learn to surf also sunbathing on the beach enjoy sunset exotic Balangan.