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How Far from Bali to get Lakey Beach Sumbawa ?

Getting to sumbawa from Bali – Lakey Beach is on the south coast of Sumbawa Island. The 2nd island east of Bali a short 40mins flight from Bali to the regional capital of Bima and  transport you the 2hrs journey to LakeyPeak.

What type of PLANE SERVICES Fly Bali to Bima ?

Flights from Denpasar to Bima Sumbawa with Lion Air / Trans Nusa Airlines or Garuda Indonesia  fly a “twin prop” everyday departing at 08:45am and  1300 Hrs(1pm).

What about TRANSPORT VOUCHERS and Flight Ticket

TRANSPORT VOUCHERS CAN BE DOWNLOADED ONCE YOU PAY DEPOSIT BY CREDIT CARD ONLINE,If you possess a VOUCHER and have your PASSPORT you will Breeze through the airport NO Problems.


LEASE BRING YOUR PASSPORT! There is a police Passport check at the airport. We still don’t know why they do this ? But no Passport could mean another BIG HEADACHE. Amangati Hotel has safety deposit if you require.

Can we use ATM and CREDIT CARDS at LakeyPeak?

YES! BANKS & ATMs are located in Dompu the regional centre about 30mins from Lakey. At Amangati Hotel it is possible to use credit cards for payment only. M/Card ; Visa are charged at 3% which is the standard.


LION/WINGS cost about charge approx IDR 200,000.- per Boards;. we also do not understand, because the rules of the airline.for a maximum of 20 kg baggage free cost, if more will be subject to an extra USD 1 dollar / pound.

How long surf boards that can be brought, by a domestic flight from Denpasar – Bima?

For domestic flight from Bali to Bima – airlines will only allow board bags at maximum length of 2 Meters.

What about other Surf Spots in the Area?

YES! There are several other spots to surf and some are world class but I won’t tell you where they are. Suffice to say that Boat access is required to score the Best and they are usually best early and late season. Sssssssshhhhh.!

Can I hire Motorbikes at Lakey Beach?

YES! But as with anywhere outside of Bali the prices are moderately more expensive. Contact to Amangati front office or the Beach front Boys.

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