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Thursday, February 7th 2019.


Some interesting and popular places on the island of Sumbawa that you must visit, tambora mountains, nature tours, beach tours are so beautiful

How to get to sumbawa

Sumbawa Island is a beautiful and beautiful island located in Nusat Tenggara Barat, located east of Lombok Island and Bali Island, if coming from Bali and Lombok, you can use the plane to Sumbawa Island. In Sumbawa there are two airports namely, Sumbawa Besar Airport, Bima Airport.

You can also use Car From Bali and Lombok. If you depart from Kuta Bali, you should look for Padang Bai port, more or less a trip from Kuta to Padang Bai 2 Hours, after that you use ferry boat to Lombok port, about 5 Hour journey. After arriving in Lombok Island you go to Pototano Harbor Lombok, crossing to Sumbawa Island using Fery Ship about 1 hour. And arrived at the Port of Kahyangan Sumbawa.