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lakey peak Things to do

Thursday, February 7th 2019.

Flat Day Activities – Things to do in Lakey Peak  Sumbawa

  1. Surfing in Lakey Beach
  2. Go Kite surfing
  3. Learn to surf on Lakey beach
  1. Snorkeling and paddle boarding
  2. Charter a fishing boat or go spear fishing
  3. Organize a driver to take you to see Japanese Cave relics

If you want to see the relics of ancient sites that have more than 4000 years old. You can visit to Goa Japan, which is located from Lakey Beach about 10 minutes away, Goa Japan is in the hills of Lakey beach front.

  1. Find the natural hot springs

Hodo Springs tourist attraction has its own uniqueness, which emits fresh water as much as 100 liters per second. In fact, the tears were on the beach and people use as a place to bathe or rinse after bathing on the beach.

In addition to being used as a tourist attraction, Lamea Hot Water is planned to be built Micro Hydro Power Plant (PLTMH), as it has the potential to produce 65 Mega Watt (MW). Currently, Lamea Hot Water is used by people to bathe and seek treatment, because it removes sulfur.

  1. Explore the nearby coastal and mountain range roads via scooter
  1. Kampung Puma

There is another tourist attraction of the oldest village in Dompu where the original Dompu people live, namely Kampung Puma. Now the village is empty or no one is occupying. The location of the village is indeed difficult to reach, because the road is a loose rock and winding.